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賽事初步日程表 Tentative Competition Schedule

1) 此乃初步的日程,如某組別參與人數太多,本會或新增另一日子給予該組別,並不會給參加者個別通知; 本協會保留更改此日程表的權利,並一切以12/12/2023網頁上公布的賽程為準。
This is the tentative competition schedule.  If the number of participants for a particular class exceeds that could be accommodated on the date(s) scheduled, our Association reserves the right to add more dates to the particular class without prior notice to individual participants.  The final schedule will be announced on website on 12/12/2023.


2) 請注意: 部份組別或被安排於多一天比賽,日子將根據報名人數隨機分配, 不能自行選擇, 某些日子或因人數不足而有機會取消。 
Attention:  some particular classes may be arranged in more than one day and participants will be assigned randomly according to enrolment figure.  Some dates might be cancelled due to insufficient enrolments.


3) 圖表上的組別排列次序並不等於比賽當天的組別出場次序。
The order of the listed classes in the followings does not represent the actual order on the days of competition.

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